Happy trails

Wesley Houses Eden Gardens

I’ve missed several weeks of photo hikes, and I can tell a difference in my general well-being. These outings were always a restorative exercise. A chance to spend time outdoors, with no worries, no deadlines, no plans other than to take pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye. This weekend, I want need […]

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2013: A year in photos

orange striped shell

These past two weeks were hectic and crazy with all the Christmas prep. A near constant drizzle added a dreary dimension. I stayed inside most of the time trying to stay warm and dry, and working like a maniac to get handmade gifts finished and mailed in time for the holidays. I wasn’t completely successful, […]

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A year in photos

The past year was a wonderful time for me, photographically, starting out with spending New Year’s Eve at the beach, where I enjoyed the sun and sand all to myself. Later in the winter, my family spent some quality time at the hockey rink, cheering on our local, minor league team and ice-racing wiener dogs. […]

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One year later…

One year ago today I opened a new chapter in my writing and photography, and started Thin spiral notebook. My original blog ~ that-which-shall-not-be-named ~ had gotten too depressing and I needed a change. This ~ arms spread wide ~ is where you’ll find me now. Stretching my writing into sometimes uncomfortable places, but hopefully […]

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Weekly Winners ~ 2010 retrospective

Because this is a new space, though I’m not new to Weekly Winners (and because holiday prep left me no time to get out for a photo hunt this week), I’m instead featuring some of my favorite snaps from 2010 (I did include one from Christmas morning, just to be fair)… When I wasn’t knee […]

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