A year in photos

The past year was a wonderful time for me, photographically, starting out with spending New Year’s Eve at the beach, where I enjoyed the sun and sand all to myself.

Later in the winter, my family spent some quality time at the hockey rink, cheering on our local, minor league team and ice-racing wiener dogs.

Over Spring Break, we road-tripped to visit the in-laws in Arkansas, and I finally got a chance to photograph my FIL’s Willys graveyard.

I had allowed myself to get in a photographic rut, but on a whim, I went off track and found a new hiking trail, filled with many surprises.

My efforts to get healthy by walking around my neighborhood, gave me more opportunities to look for new and interesting subjects to photograph.

Normally, I head out on my photo hikes first light in the mornings, but sometimes I changed things up and take advantage of the fading, evening light to see things a different way.

An unexpected change of plans led me to a garden of stone, where I went back in time to see ghosts and angels.

Our beaches came under the threat of a tropical storm this summer, and I was there to capture images of the calm before the storm.

On another photo hike, what could have been just another day in the woods, instead I witnessed rainbows and leprechauns.

In 2012, I turned 50 in an especially epic way, getting plastered (with colored powder) with my grown-up daughter.

Living on the Florida Gulf Coast offers the best of beach and forest locations, including Gulfshores National Seashore near Pensacola. A beautiful place to spend the day hiking around and snapping photos.

The beaches where I live are beautiful, white sugar sand. The perfect place to stage Christmas photos, despite the 60+ temperatures.

This weekend, I’ll be out again on a photo hike, the last one for 2012. During 2013, I’m looking forward to finding new places to explore and surprises that are just around the corner.

Submitted to WordPress Weekly Challenge. This week’s theme is “My 2012 in Pictures.”

For more photos, please visit my Flickr photostream, or check out my Photo Hikes in the top nav bar.

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