100 Word Challenge: Flowers

Just when I thought I had swept my patio of the final shedding of autumn’s dull brown, dead leaves… just when I thought I would finally get a reprieve from that particularly onerous task, this week I was faced with 1000s of tiny magenta blossoms courtesy of my neighbor’s swamp maple, its flowering canopy spreading […]

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Coming out ball

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore Adorned in diamonds Débutante spring cotillion Her dance card is full

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Farm fresh

small green tomato

It’s been warm enough this week, that I’m going to get my summer clothes out of storage, and pack away my winter stuff. We are past any freeze risk, so I’m also planning on putting in some veggies this next week. I’m giving tomatoes another chance, and setting out a few peppers and herbs. The […]

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In like a lion…

yellow allamanda

About ten minutes into my morning walk, I wished that I had worn short sleeves. At the half-way point, I began to wonder where I packed my shorts. All along the way, I noticed hints of a spring that was just around the corner. I am ready for warm weather to stay around for a while.

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Spring planting

garden gloves

It’s already the middle of February, and in Florida that’s typical spring planting season. There are still a few sub-freezing nights forecasted, so I can’t get started on my garden just yet. I’m behind in prep work. I have to weed my planters, buy my starter plants, but even before that I have to decide […]

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Celebration of Spring

field of blue pinwheels

Spring is a reawakening, a time of renewal and rebirth. Tender, green shoots break through cold, frozen ground Reaching up to a warmer sun, a brighter sky Ice yields to fragrant blossoms Calming zephyrs stir winter remnants Fresh air and sunshine melt the final, falling icicles It’s a time to celebrate

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