Celebration of Spring

field of blue pinwheels

Spring is a reawakening, a time of renewal and rebirth.
Tender, green shoots break through cold, frozen ground
Reaching up to a warmer sun, a brighter sky

Ice yields to fragrant blossoms
Calming zephyrs stir winter remnants
Fresh air and sunshine melt the final, falling icicles

It’s a time to celebrate

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. “share a picture that shows what Spring means to (me)…”

6 thoughts on “Celebration of Spring

  1. “It’s time to celebrate”. Perfect way to sum up spring, such a positive note and that’s what spring is all about, really. I love the windmill-fans in the photo. Played with those a lot as a kid. I still haven’t got tired of them.


  2. just that color blue is making me smile.
    it looks like a field of glossy pinwheels.
    (another picture I just adore)


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