Persimmon Joe

pile of gloves

There’s cold comfort in knowin’ that Persimmon Joe was wearin’ gloves when he froze to death overnight in Vagrants’ Alley. The only good that come of it was that the cops that got called to the alley said it’d make gettin’ his fingerprints easier, and maybe they could find out his real name. Maybe contact family, […]

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100 Word Challenge: Duty

Yesterday was Super Tuesday in the U.S., the biggest day for presidential primaries/caucuses, with voters from 16 states registering their choice for the Democratic or Republican candidates. My state of Florida begins a nine-day, early voting period this weekend and I will be dutifully exercising my right as a citizen to cast a preliminary ballot. […]

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ice crusted leaf

A fine snow was falling, dusting everything with a light powder of white. A delicate border of rime formed on the remaining leaves on the massive oak in the quad and along its otherwise bare branches. It was a holiday scene encapsulated in a child’s snow globe. Except that it was the middle of June […]

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Kingdom Come

no parking sign

Four Horsemen Newsletter Vol. 52, Issue. 11 No Parking Signs: Parking for the Apocalypse is only permitted between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Violators will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. Impounded property will be auctioned off if pending fines are not settled within 10, regular business days. Weather Center: NOAA forecasts […]

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Give me a T, give me an R, give me a U, M, P!

trump pep rally banners

Friday night I went to a political rally, and didn’t even get a T-shirt. I traveled almost two hours, one-way, to attend a rally for presidential hopeful Donald Trump. All of my friends, to a person – saving the friend I went with to the event – questioned my sanity. If I am anything, I […]

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Trumped up

Friday night, a friend and I have plans to attend a pep rally for 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump, not because I think he is a viable candidate, the man is bat-shit crazy, but because I want to see what all the hype is about him. I want to see what it is that has […]

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