100 Word Challenge: Duty

Yesterday was Super Tuesday in the U.S., the biggest day for presidential primaries/caucuses, with voters from 16 states registering their choice for the Democratic or Republican candidates. My state of Florida begins a nine-day, early voting period this weekend and I will be dutifully exercising my right as a citizen to cast a preliminary ballot.

Not gonna get all political, and rant and rave about this or that person seeking their party’s nomination. If you’re like me, by now, you already know who you’d like in office. Or, at least who you DON”T want in the White House.

I’m just going to leave this with you…

“Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.” ~ William E. Simon

The word for this week is:


Using “duty” for inspiration, write 100 Words, no more, no less, then link back here, or leave your submission in the comment section. Remember to keep spreading the love with supportive comments for your fellow wordsters.