Point and shoot

“You aren’t seriously doing the tacky tourist thing and taking pictures with your smartphone?” Vivian walked up behind Pauley on the street outside of Café Suplicy. “At least use a real point and shoot.” “Your sense of humor is as droll as ever,” Pauley looked at the display on her camera phone. “I’m not taking [...]


There came a day when she could no longer keep her heart guarded from the hurt and pain, locked way behind the impenetrable walls she built. It was time to unlock the gates and step into the light, freeing her spirit to seek the happiness that was waiting for her.

Brazilian blend

At Vivian’s cryptic comment about her drink, Pauley licked her lips, remembering the last time she drank some of her “spiced” tea. Returning Vivian’s hug, Pauley countered with her own warning. “And, my people know where to find you if anything happens to me,” Pauley smiled at their homicidal banter. Even she didn’t understand their [...]