Fly like an eagle

Animals play an significant part in Celtic mythology. The raven is often seen as harbingers of war and death. In Irish folklore, Warrior Goddess Morrighan would take the shape of a raven, and mete out who would be triumphant on the field of battle, and who would be carried off on his shield. Eagles, associated [...]

Passing notes

Looking out the window of her flat, Pauley wiped at the rime spiderwebbing across the glass. Steam rose from the radiator under the sill, melting ice from the bottom panes. Pauley shrugged off her jacket, switching hands so she could still stare at the postcard from Vivian. A life in The Family made sudden name [...]

Turn to stone

“There’s a name for women like you,” he spat out the words, shaking with barely contained rage. “I’ve done nothing wrong.” Flipping her long, red hair off her shoulder, a smile spread across her face. “I’ve remained true to myself.” He rose from the bed, hands raised in rigid crescents, just wide enough to encircle [...]

Crossing over

She stayed in bed watching the ceiling fan make lazy circles above her, tracking each spinning blade as motes of dust flitted down, smudging her clean white sheets. At 3 a.m., she was as awake as she’d been four hours earlier. Closing her eyes, she tried to shut off the muddle of voices and images [...]