Now I lay me down Gently into that good night Sleep, perchance to dream *Cento, from the Latin meaning "patchwork," is a form of poetry that uses lines from other poems. Line 1: Joseph Addison, 1711 Line 2: Dylan Thomas, 1951 Line 3: Shakespeare (Hamlet), 1623

Big bad George

As much as I complain about my menfolk's tendancies toward packrattery, I have to confess that I am reluctant to part with possessions too. Tucked away in a secret place in my bedroom closet, I keep my childhood comfort toy. This is George. George has been with me since I was about five. He was [...]

A slow burning fuse

It didn’t start out all fireworks and loud-speaker marching band music. The fire kindled tentatively. A cautious and shy blaze, a tiny tickle in my stomach. That funny feeling that comes when a car goes over a rise in the road too fast. No roller coaster drop of frightening apprehension, but a perfect shiver from [...]

Uncultivated simplicity

Rosemary lived alone in a crude shack at the end of a neighborless dirt road, on a tiny scrub acre of rocky soil. Each spring, she worked her meager garden, breaking up dry earth with her broken-handled hoe, leaving meandering furrows in uneven rows. Her apron pockets filled with dried seeds and kernels from last [...]

Epidemic proportions

There is currently no proven vaccine, no federal funding for medical research, and no media onslaught of concerned scientists. Nevertheless, the condition is a troubling and widespread epidemic. Seemingly limited to a narrow generation and gender demographic - young males ages 14 to 25 - the complaint crosses all socio-economic boundaries, affecting several ethnic and [...]