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High above it

blue sky white clouds

The back of her lounge chair was adjusted at a haphazard angle. Its plaid, plastic webbing leaving pink stripes behind her thighs where she absentmindedly pulled her floral sundress above bare hips.

She sipped daintily from an iced glass of tea, generously blended with Absolut citron, a refreshing aperitif on a hot afternoon.

The Xanax she swallowed taking its sweet time, finally lifted her spirits as her lemony spirits lifted her high above her backyard – floating over her self-medicating neighborhood, peeking into other backyards where other housewives sipped their lemon tea.

The airspace over town was quickly becoming crowded.

This week’s challenge is inspired by “And, She Was,” by Talking Heads

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  1. haha – i love this! that’s my drink of choice lately too. of the arnold palmer variety. i can picture all these women in their lawn chairs buzzin’ away. good times. 😉


  2. I’m seeing 1960’s backyards, and the secrets that hide among those manicured lawns, the gossip that is sipped as much as that tea, the ladies who wish for a life beyond those chairs. Which I guess is why Xanax and Citron helped to take the edge off.

    I don’t know if I wish I was one of them…but you sure make it sound interesting enough to ponder.


      • I feel like those women were so “STIFLED” , remember when Archie Bunker used to say that word to was supposed to be funny etc, as I grew older all I could think was, MEN WANT WOMEN TO BE QUIET. That’s what is funny and not funny about the way he says it.

        These women, sitting on their beautiful manicured lawns, sipping their teas laced with something were stifled.


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