100 Word Challenge: Anger

My son and I were chatting the other day – telling each other about what our day.

I told him that I had come upon a strange occurrence when driving home from running errands. Cop cars… a dozen or more with lights flashing, all assembled at the head of a side road that led to Air Force Base bike and hiking trails.

An unmarked SUV, lights and siren blaring, had also passed me to join the horde.

My son’s response was, “I bet that was about the shooting.”


He then told me someone was shot across the street from the post office where he works.

Way to bury the lede!

He was scheduled to work this particular day but a co-worker asked to swap days off or he would have been there.

I searched online for more info to find that the suspect had shot a woman at a business near my son’s work, then fled the scene. The convergence of law enforcement was where they boxed in his car after he was located. He was killed at the scene after aiming a gun at officers. His alleged shooting victim had already died at the hospital from her injuries.

We don’t live in a high crime area, but there have been a few fatal shootings before. This one though… this one was too close to home.

A news conference is scheduled for later today. I’m anxious to learn more.

It’s a vey, very, mad, mad world.

“Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you.” ~ G. M. Trevelyan

This week’s word is:


What to do:
Using “anger” for inspiration, write 100 Words – 100 exactly – no more, no less. You can either use the word – or any form of the word – as one of your 100, or it can be implied. Include a link in your post back here, and add your story to the Mister Linky list. If you don’t have a blog, you can leave your submission in the comment section, or as a Facebook status post. Remember to keep spreading the love with supportive comments for your fellow Wordsters.

4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge: Anger

    1. A friend called my son asking if he was okay. He didn’t know about it until a few hours later. Still it was scary to think he might have been at work when this happened.


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