100 Word Challenge: Anger

My son and I were chatting the other day – telling each other about what our day. I told him that I had come upon a strange occurrence when driving home from running errands. Cop cars… a dozen or more with lights flashing, all assembled at the head of a side road that led to […]

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Behind door No. 4

blue door

The island guard went house to house rousting drunken vacationers from their debauchery-induced stupor. Curses met any demands to search the property, which were answered with force, as the guard tossed shocked suspects through the tropical hued doors of their bungalows. The revelers gathered at the water’s edge as they watched the guard storm their […]

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Ride along

Arriving with a deputy, we parked down the street from the apartment. I patted my pockets, double checking I had everything I needed. Nervously kneeling behind the squad car, I watched the SWAT team positioning itself around the building. The lead officer pounded on the door, barking out orders for the perp to come out, […]

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