100 Word Challenge: Listen

I solved a mystery today.

Not too long ago I bought new earphones. I listen to music while I’m working in my yard. When I have a long and tedious job to do, I need a distraction from the monotony of pulling weeds and trimming grass.

While outside, the sound would periodically go out on my earphones. I could unplug them from the smartphone jack, then plug them back in, and they’d be fine for a while only to go out again a few minutes later.

I thought it was the earphones, but I couldn’t find the receipt so didn’t try to return them.

They did it again today while I was cutting down some errant saplings. It was annoying, but I resigned myself to the problem until I could get new earphones since that was obviously the problem.

Only today, when it happened there was a new twist, it went backward.

I went inside for some water, and the music was playing while the earphones were plugged in. If I unplugged them, there was no sound, and I had the volume cranked to 11.

I walked into my bedroom, still trying to sort out my earphone problem, and I heard my music playing on my Alexa Echo. They were linked via Bluetooth.

My deductive reasoning told me that when I was working outside, whenever I moved past my bedroom windows, the Bluetooth activated and the music would cut out to play inside.

All I had to do to solve the problem was to disconnect my phone from the Echo.

Only now, I wonder other than my music what else Alexa has been listening to?

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen. ~ Ernest Hemingway

This week’s word is:


What to do:

Using “listen” for inspiration, write 100 Words – 100 exactly – no more, no less. You can either use the word – or any form of the word – as one of your 100, or it can be implied. Include a link in your post back here, and add your story to the Mister Linky list. If you don’t have a blog, you can leave your submission in the comment section, or as a Facebook status post. Remember to keep spreading the love with supportive comments for your fellow Wordsters.

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