100 Word Challenge: Listen

I solved a mystery today. Not too long ago I bought new earphones. I listen to music while I’m working in my yard. When I have a long and tedious job to do, I need a distraction from the monotony of pulling weeds and trimming grass. While outside, the sound would periodically go out on […]

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A nice, long soak in the tub

The newspapers reported it as an accident. A tragic case of absentmindedness, the coroner ruled. Her’s wasn’t a distrait mind, she knew what would happen when she drew the bath. Some argued that it wasn’t daydreaming that distracted her, something sinister kept her from saving herself they said. Perhaps it was my hand holding her […]

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If wishes were caterpillars


More from the Dinner Party An excited murmur swept through the room. George Vernon remained unmoving at the head of the room, trying to stare down their host, Augustine Stiles. House staff moved among the crowd passing out heavy parchment notecards and Meisterstück pens. Stiles’ concierge, Jasper, stood slightly behind his employer’s chair, an empty […]

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How the cookie crumbles

close up of Lab face

A monster storm was coming. The cool and calm weather outside the mall was misleading. I knew I could be walking into a maelstrom. Rabbi Lazar chose Arbor Park Town Center for our meeting. She thought the outdoor mall would be less intimidating than an austere office setting. Previous sessions had been horribly unproductive, verging […]

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