Road weary

Road-weary and brain-numb, Derek rubbed at his gritty eyes, then rolled down his car window. Maybe the cold air would help keep him awake, he had a long, desolate stretch of highway ahead of him.

He had driven for hours without seeing a single other car. The only light was his headlamps and the waxing crescent moon hanging in the sky like God’s thumbnail pressing down on a hemorrhaging vein. Derek couldn’t leave Springdale fast enough, or go far enough to get away from her.

She was a vampire sucking him dry, not of blood, but of his sanity.

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Light and Shade Challenge: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Inspiration: Road

  1. I love the image of God’s thumbnail! And what a tantalising glimpse into someone’s life. Thank you for sharing Lyssa Mx

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