Road weary

Road-weary and brain-numb, Derek rubbed at his gritty eyes, then rolled down his car window. Maybe the cold air would help keep him awake, he had a long, desolate stretch of highway ahead of him. He had driven for hours without seeing a single other car. The only light was his headlamps and the waxing crescent … Continue reading Road weary

Battle royal

moonlight in the trees

Mocking the silver moon’s domain, Fingers of sunshine blaze along bare tree limbs. The waning light yearns to linger, Clinging fiercely to earth any way it can. Day defies night’s dominion, Casting its own crimson radiance. A gaudy rival to pearlescent white. Jealous of Luna's power of persuasion. Shadows lengthen, sunlight fades. A final flash … Continue reading Battle royal