The novel approach

glowing plastic jack-o'-lantern

If only she took the less novel approach, perhaps handing out wholesome snacks for trick or treat, like little boxes of raisins, or prepackaged flaxseed granola made with organic honey.

Cassandra wouldn’t hear it. She wanted her house to stand out in the neighborhood as the one with the most talked about Halloween goodies.

She claimed a lineage with Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century Romanian noble who was the historical inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She was no more Romanian, through ancestry or otherwise, than my cat.

I couldn’t convince her that tiny vials of pig’s blood were inappropriate.

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Inspiration: Trick or Treat


Salubrious and/or Wholesome

  1. Hahaha. Got a laugh out of me with that last line. Methinks they’re both a bit too extreme, however. When in doubt, go with a classic, like Reese’s. But then conveniently forget to turn on your porch light and be forced to eat them all yourself!!!



  2. Aha very good and nice twist 🙂




  3. Great job, Tara!

    I pictured the poor soul who pulls the vial out of her candy bag with a smirk, declaring to her buddies, “There’s no way it’s real blood…” and drinks it.

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    1. That would be perfect…. mwahahaha!



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