A little something extra

Mama always said, “leave them with a little lagniappe, it’ll keep them coming back for more.”

Like putting a sprig of mint in a sweating mason jar of ice-cold sweet tea, it’s the only thing that’ll simmer down that summer heat. It’s that heat that gets them.

They aren’t expecting so much spellbinding sultriness. They expect either a genteel southern lady, coy and demure like Melanie Wilkes, or a femme fatale given to that crazy inside a milky glass of absinthe like Blanche DeBois. There is no either or.

They go searching for a myth but they find something extra.

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This week’s Studio30 Plus: “Lagniappe” and/or “Bonus”

6 thoughts on “A little something extra

  1. Is it strange that I love a story that makes me use the dictionary? I might have to incorporate lagniappe in a future story to utilize my newfound word.

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