Hot summer daze

Emerald cloisonné hummingbirds, attracted by SPF 30 coconut ambrosia, lullabied their drowsy one-woman audience with white-noise thrumming. Trickles of sun-warmed sweat pooled in spandex encased cleavage, creating a briny delta commingling with icy, precipitation dripping from a tumbler of potent libation. A heady perfume of freshly cut Augustine wafted over a barely tall enough decency [...]


Her bless-your-heart benedictions are her southern way of saying, “you’re addled, child.” Her mothball-scented hugs mean she loves you anyways. Come sit on the veranda, and have some sweet tea, you’ll feel better.


Sweet, honeyed amber Sun-kissed, intoxicating Nectar of the gods During a recent afternoon of errands, The Boy and I stopped for lunch. I usually drink plain iced tea, but this day was Hades Hot and the lure of a tall, cold glass of sweet tea was too great. After lunch we hit the grocery store. [...]