A tall glass of sweet iced tea, The sun warm and the breezes cool, Children laughing, birds singing. Porch chairs to while away the afternoon, Good friends and good conversation, Nowhere to go, nothing else to do. Rocking, sipping, chatting… In those few precious moments, Serenity.

Hot summer daze

Emerald cloisonné hummingbirds, attracted by SPF 30 coconut ambrosia, lullabied their drowsy one-woman audience with white-noise thrumming. Trickles of sun-warmed sweat pooled in spandex encased cleavage, creating a briny delta commingling with icy, precipitation dripping from a tumbler of potent libation. A heady perfume of freshly cut Augustine wafted over a barely tall enough decency … Continue reading Hot summer daze


Her bless-your-heart benedictions are her southern way of saying, “you’re addled, child.” Her mothball-scented hugs mean she loves you anyways. Come sit on the veranda, and have some sweet tea, you’ll feel better.


Sweet, honeyed amber Sun-kissed, intoxicating Nectar of the gods During a recent afternoon of errands, The Boy and I stopped for lunch. I usually drink plain iced tea, but this day was Hades Hot and the lure of a tall, cold glass of sweet tea was too great. After lunch we hit the grocery store. … Continue reading Weirdo