100 Word Challenge: Habit

Over the weekend, my laptop power cord started dying. It’s been acting wonky for a while, even has a few red, electrical tape bandages. It’s one of those MagSafe power adapters that is supposed to have a quick-release detachment if the cord is yanked out. It works, but not without consequence. I’ve nutted up the wiring tripping over the cord a eleventy-bazillion times.

I added more red tape and a pipe cleaner cast to my cord then limped through the weekend and the first few days of the week trying to keep the green charging light lit. I’ve had to manipulate the cord so that it drapes over the keyboard just so and is twisted into the perfect curl, hold my breath, cross my eyes, and try not to move too much and break the spell.

I have two replacement cords headed my way, and hopefully they will arrive sometime this week.

When it was apparent I would have limited computer access, it caused some mild panic. I have things to do! Buzzfeed quizzes to take, political memes to share and pass along, promotions to publish! I have…  stuff to do, important stuff!

Instead of embracing the freedom from my online ball-and-chain and using it to read or write undistracted, go for leisurely walks, or actually talk to my family, I did my lab rat manipulations so I could stay connected. The unexpected downtime made me wonder if my attachment to my laptop was a fun hobby or a bad habit.

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” ~ Samuel Johnson

The word for this week is:


Using “habit” for inspiration, write 100 Words, no more, no less, then link back up here, or leave your submission in the comment section. Remember to keep spreading the love with supportive comments for your fellow wordsters.

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