Give to get

dog and laptop

I’ve been working through this WordPress 101 course which is meant to help improve your online presence – boost your blogging super powers.

One recent homework assignments was to “follow five new tags in the Reader and five new blogs.” As I am wont to do, I didn’t follow the instructions as written. As a OG blogger, having been slogging away at this for almost nine years, I wanted more to reconnect with online friends that I’ve been shamefully neglecting.

Instead of looking for new sites, I returned to some of my old haunts.

Funny thing… if you are bummed that your visitor numbers-slash-comments have fallen off, it may be because you have stopped visiting and commenting. Give = Get. To have friends, you have to be a friend. It’s the law of the online jungle.

Another funny thing… when you do finally make an appearance, actually engage again, they are happy to see you, and tell you so. It’s a nice feeling to have been missed.

I’m not sure why I stopped perusing my Reader as much as I once did. I had forgotten how fun it was to spend an hour or so every morning just reading. I did not, however; forget how talented my writer friends are. You people are amazing!

I’ve gone through my Reader updating lists and adding new sites. Be forewarned… I’m back.

Blogging U.

17 thoughts on “Give to get

  1. Your blog is like a sweet shop, I don’t know where to run to first! I’m new to the whole blogging thing, and I think that your comment ‘To have friends you have to be a friend’ applies not only to blogging communities, but to life in general 🙂 Excellent post!

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  2. I love the ability to open up WordPress and find so many kindred spirits. Of course, I enjoy writing blog posts, too. By the way, it looks like your dog is a black Labrador retriever…yes?

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Liz. It is amazing who you can find out in the ether. I tell my family I have the best imaginary friends living in my computer. Asta, that’s her name, is most likely at least part Lab. She’s tiny, only about 40lbs. We think she may also be part hound or beagle based on how much she enjoys barking.


  3. my blog has been sadly neglected. Other things (people, too) have taken my time. I long for those days – and will seek the out. Thanks for writing this. (and for linking it on FB so I could be reminded)

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    1. It’s perfectly understandable that you’ve had more pressing matters than your blog. I’m just glad we are still in touch in other ways. I am so grateful for our friendship.


    1. I actively avoid my stats. I haven’t intentionally look at numbers for years. I’ve been sucked into the Facebook hole, and I think that has a lot to do with my not reading/commenting on blogs. I think interacting with friends on social media is “good enough.” For me, it’s not. I hope to do better about supporting people at their blogs.


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