Stop and smell the coffee

French press and coffee mug

Caffe, as is life
Dark, rich, full-bodied
Both bitter and sweet
It is all you add to it
That makes it satisfying

I am a regular tea drinker. While that is my preferred method of caffeine intake, I’ve become more of a coffee connoisseur over the past few years.

Because I’m not a daily coffee drinker, instead of a drip machine or a single-serve, ecology-challenged pod brewer, I’ve opted for a small French press. I found a place where I can get fresh, coarse-ground beans, and finally mastered the right ratio of coffee-to-water (filtered – thankyouverymuch), and found my optimal brewing time. I even have a tiny immersion blender for a nice topping of frothy, steamed milk.

For someone accustomed to an ordinary, tea-bag-boiled-water kind of process, there seems to be a lot of effort needed for a good cup coffee a few times a week. A treat that mimics the sort of diligent effort I need to put into having an exceptional day… week, month, year, life.

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “share a photo that means ‘treat‘ to you.”

3 thoughts on “Stop and smell the coffee

  1. Tell me about it! Since four years ago, I have gotten into the habit of drinking green tea after every meal. Heat the water in a mug and plop in a green tea bag. However, since college started last fall, my nostrils urge me to stop at starbucks and purchase a cup of coffee every time I pass by the library ( it is on the first floor). Anyways, coffee is a terrible addiction. Been there, done that 😀

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