Make your own rules

toy shovel and pail on beach

Don’t be so loud, someone might hear you
Don’t color outside of the lines
You’re too big to be a jockey, or an astronaut
You don’t have enough grace to be a ballerina
Science and math are for boys
Girls can’t be strong, can’t be leaders
You’re not smart enough
You’re not good enough
Dreams are just dreams
A wishes never come true
Four-leaf clovers and shooting stars aren’t magic
And you will never be a real princess

Never stop reaching, never stop striving
Toward what you want to be
Ignore the “don’ts” and “can’ts”
Make your own rules

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Light and Shade Challenge: ““Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.” ~ H Jackson Brown Jr

3 thoughts on “Make your own rules

  1. That picture and the lesson in your words..reminds me of a Broadway song. My favorite version by Barbra: “Everybody Says Don’t!” …I always listen to it when I’m not feeling “enough”.

    Just loved this.

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