Extra cheese

Takeout pizza

The first four days of this week, were spent prepping for our family Thanksgiving Dinner. I literally cooked and cleaned the entire time… well, I did stop occasionally to sleep, but day-um, I worked hard.

In spite of that, it wasn’t too stressful. Not like years past when it was only my little clan. This year, we had a special guest. Our daughter included her new swain in the festivities. We all wanted to make a good impression for her, and I think we did that.

I had a plan, and got everything I wanted to do done, without any glitches. That doesn’t happen very often when I host a big dinner. Usually there is some major culinary faux pas… too much salt in the gravy, the turkey not cooked quite to done, burnt pie crusts. Nothing like that this time.

Friday morning dawned without anything to do. Leftovers are still new enough that turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches were perfect for lunch. Dinner… not so much.

That’s where having a Mister who gets me is nice. He and our son got out of the house, leaving me a chance to decompress. He also called when they were headed home and asked if I was okay with them bringing home pizza.

I thought I would cry… in a good way. No cooking, no clean up, just paper plates and cans of soda. Best meal ever!

I’m grateful for:

1. An incredibly thoughtful husband
2. Pizza takeout
3. Paper plates and napkins
4. A little “me” time

365 Days of Grace


4 thoughts on “Extra cheese

  1. This looks great! We also have family and friends over every year. I will start posting about this year’s Thanksgiving tomorrow (11/29)! There were moments when i was wishing for a good pizza and the recliner!


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