Queen Issy

tabby cat

She had the whole house to pick a spot to plunk her bony butt down for her PTA scrub. Of course, she chose to lick all her lady pieces parts as she wallowed on my Publix sales flyer and laptop, whilst I was making my Thanksgiving dinner grocery list.

Despite her lack of tact, or because of it, Issy is the consummate house cat. Queen of all she surveys. She goes where she wills, and does what she wants.

My work area was the prefect location for her morning cleanse simply because that’s where she wanted to sit. I had nothing to do with it.

This week marks Issy’s one-year anniversary as part of our family. She came to us shortly after the passing of our beloved Pollo del Fuego. She quickly took command of our Land of Misfit Toys, keeping Asta and Hershey in check when needed.

Issy also has her soft side. She’s a snuggler and blanket thief.

That is, when she’s not giving herself a spit bath on the only pile of papers I need for work.

I’m grateful for:

1. No-kill animal refuges
2. Rescue pets
3. My mismatched cat and dogs
4. Lint brushes and wet wipes

365 Days of Grace


8 thoughts on “Queen Issy

  1. She’s pretty! And her behavior is pretty typical as far as cats go, I think. Mine howls for attention, and then when I go to pet him, he runs away. I think he’s just testing his level of control.


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