Wave riders

surfer in Gulf of Mexico

The Atlantic Hurricane season opens next month, June 1. Over the past several years, the Florida Gulf Coast has been fortunate in that no major storms have made landfall on our shores. We have experienced the effects of a few tropical storms – rain, wind, floods, storm surges – but nothing like our northern East Coast cousins have suffered through.

Last October, Tropical Storm Karen threatened, but all we got were some bigger than usual (much bigger) waves. Surfers swarmed the beaches to enjoy the rare phenomenon, and to show off their moves.

The 2014 season storm names are:

Arthur Hanna Omar
Bertha Isaias Paulette
Cristobal Josephine Rene
Dolly Kyle Sally
Edouard Laura Teddy
Fay Marco Vicky
Gonzalo Nana Wilfred

I’m particularly interested in Kyle (my son’s name) and Paulette (the name of one of my characters in a collaborative story written with my friend, Lance.) These are either signs for a mild season, or omens we will have a few storms where we’ll have to batten down the hatches.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme: “to share your interpretation of ‘on the move‘.”

8 thoughts on “Wave riders

  1. Great photo! I hope it is a mild storm season (working in insurance, I tend to keep up with storm activity. In fact, I have a June 1 deadline to get forms to our agents – including a hurricane deductible form 🙂 )


  2. That really is a fantastic picture,

    Marco is the name of a character in the love story I am getting ready for beta readers. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad…yet. 😉

    Dolly could be a B***ch too. A name like that looks so innocent and harmless, but you wonder if she’s hard as steel underneath. I mean look at “Sandy” and the mess she made of the Jersey Shore, considering Bruce Springsteen wrote a love letter to the beach with his song “Sandy” you’d think she would have been a bit more gentle with us.


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