The bitter grit was hard to swallow. I’m used to those little sachets of chamomile or oolong, not dregs thick enough to coat my tongue. I should’ve taken tasseomancy more seriously.

“The first thing you see?” She pointed to the cup.


“Sadness. Here on the rim?”

“Something like an octopus.”

“A warning!”

Her thick kabuki makeup made it difficult to read her face, but her body language told me I was in deep kimchi. She clutched her chest.

“On the bowl?”

“I see a bag.”

“A trap. Lastly, on the bottom?”

“It looks like a wolf’s head.”

“Betrayal, run!”

This week’s challenge is inspired by “You Better Run,” by Pat Benatar
*This is a continuation of “Fine cuppa tea.” The symbol interpretations were taken from several resources on tasseomancy, or fortune telling using tea leaves.

7 thoughts on “Tasseomancy

  1. I have never “gotten” reading tea leaves – Tarot cards I do – and love, but tea leaves? Not so much. I don’t even want to try. They just don’t make any sense to me.

    But I like the way you did this. Well written.


    1. From what I understand, the person getting the reading actually “reads” the leaves. The tasseomancer only interprets what images the reader “sees” and wraps it all together into a cohesive explanation of what and when.


  2. I just had my cards read last week, it was an interesting and eye opening session. While it wasn’t as dramatic as this (so well written, I loved the way you used all the terms to bring us into the space) it’s hard not to take some of it quite seriously. My questions (ones I didn’t even know I’d been asking) were answered.

    You created a fine, vivid picture of this kind of exchange.


    1. I’ve only had my cards read once, and that was by a friend. I took it as more like a parlor trick. Someone who is more adept in the art, I probably would take a little more seriously. The cynic in me makes it difficult to believe.


      1. I sit with this notion too, even for all my belief in things , this is the one place I am a cynic. But last week, as I sat and had her tell me things, as I was the most quiet I have been in a very long time, I heard my own thoughts given back to me.
        it was no parlor trick, and if it was, she’s excellent at her craft.

        of course, it doesn’t change anything…not really, but it is a “map” she said..” a place to start, if you wanted to”


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