In the clouds

foggy pier

In my dream there is no when or where, only now. I can’t discern any orienting landmarks, save for the pier jutting out into nothingness. There is no sound, no birdsong, no lapping waves, not even the rush of blood coursing through my veins.

Light seems to come from every direction and none. It merely is. Time stands still, yet my mind races.

Standing alone on shore, contemplating whether to venture out onto the deck, I can’t distinguish between real and abstract. Am I the reflection or the person? Am I the dream or dreamer?

In my dream I consider that this is my reality, and my unconscious self is in limbo back in my bed, and that existence is the actual dream.

My truth is here in a featureless world, and my nightly visions are elaborate productions acted out in my sleeping mind. All my relationships, all the stories, all sets and backdrops, merely make-believe and I am the teller of tales.

Is this real, or is this fantasy?

6 thoughts on “In the clouds

    1. The whole scene was surreal. The fog was burning off everywhere but the bay and the pier did look like it was floating into nothingness. Even when I walked out on the deck, I couldn’t see very far out over the water.


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