Old Skool blogging: meme awards

I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane these last few days.

My Mister got me a new MacBook for Christmas and we’ve been working through transferring data from my old computer (which has been unusable for more than a year) and merging info from the laptop I’ve been using (an old MacBook we got for our daughter when she started college – SEVEN years ago.)

ifmomheaderIt’s been interesting to finally be able to access my photo library on the older computer. The last date I downloaded any photos was August 2012. So many of those photos were from my now defunct blog, If Mom Says OK, and I’m feeling all nostalgic over my early years of blogging.

Back then, I was all about memes and awards. It was like being accepted by the cool kids, and I wanted to DO. ALL. THE. THINGS. That was until another blogger, whose name I can’t even remember, bitch slapped me over tagging her on a meme.

Up to that point, I thought every one liked the inescapable, tell-all questionnaires as much as I did. After that, I would join in the confessionals, but wouldn’t pass them on to any specific bloggers, always leaving an open-ended invitation. I finally added a disclaimer to my nav bar, issuing a blanket statement of appreciation, but declining all offers to play along. It was a sad day when I realized how many people hated memes. It was like being told Santa and the Easter Bunny weren’t real. (I believe!)

But this was also a grand time when people actually READ blogs, and didn’t just hang out on Facebook and Twitter.


Typically, along with the tag requirement, memes also came with bling – awards. Little bits of lovely artwork to hang on your blog walls for all to see. I LOVED THEM! After so many, I couldn’t keep them all in my sidebar, and had to create a dedicated Page just for the buttons and icons.

They were like baseball cards, and it became part of the game to collect as many as you could. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you know what I mean. And, if you’re honest, you loved getting these pretties too.

I don’t think I was able to retrieve all the awards I once had, but here are the ones I could find.

How many do you remember? Which awards were your favorites?

(Click on any icon to start a slide show of larger images.)

3 thoughts on “Old Skool blogging: meme awards

  1. Oh my gosh! You earned a LOT of awards! I loved them too. Played along faithfully as well, for a long time. I learned that others might not like memes as much via a much kinder, gentler blog friend who respectfully declined my tags. I too started participating without passing them along, until life got in the way and I had trouble finding time to fulfil my meme obligations. I still see the occasional meme in my blog circles, but they are not nearly as prominent as they were a few years ago.

    Congrats on your new laptop! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Almost all of them look familiar!
    I don’t necessarily miss the awards or the memes, but I miss those days. Like you said, we actually READ blogs and kept up with one anothers’ lives. And I just won’t ever be a twitter-holic; it’s not my thing. Blogging and FB are my social media addictions.


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