Over the last few days, Mr. has been sorting through our many, old photo albums looking for past snaps of our kids in their Halloween costumes. While he had the photos out, I found a shot of the two of us at his graduation, a photo that to this day, is one of my favorites. (This was not my Halloween outfit.)

I shared the photo with our son…

Me: This photo cinched your Granny’s belief that I was a harlot.
Mr: It removed all doubt…

Mr. graduated from college on a Friday morning, the next afternoon we were married. This photo was taken in the McClung Museum after his commencement ceremony  at the Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee.

We had dated for three years by that time, and I had spent many holidays and school breaks visiting my future in-laws prior to this. What I had not done, was truly let my hair down. I tried to be on my best behavior with them, because I really wanted them to like me. You see, I’m slightly older than my Significant Other, and there were concerns that I was a bad influence on my much more serious and studious swain.

It was summer time, I had a lovely tan (in preparation of our nuptials), had my hair nicely coiffed, and my nails did. I was wearing a white, strapless sundress with a pink floral, silk jacket. I simply couldn’t help myself, and my inner vamp revealed herself.

I am still convinced I traumatized my future in-laws.

(OMG… what kids we were!)

18 thoughts on “Harlot

  1. You have got a total sultry thing going on there! As a mother, I’m wondering it would bother me to see my sons’ significant others in that light. I don’t think so. I think I’d be proud of my boys!


  2. I just have to say HAHAHAHA (seeing as how I was there and all). I LOVE IT. My brother looks totally bored and you look totally sexy – you go girl 🙂


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