Storming the castle
Wicked wings and brutal beaks
Assault from above

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

*I hate seagulls, but they do offer some great photo opportunities. My one wish is that people would stop feeding them on the beach. There’s plenty of natural food for them. Giving them “people” food is harmful, and creates both a nuisance and dangerous environment both for the gulls and people.

12 thoughts on “Siege

  1. I really love what you do with words, how you craft them.
    Now you know that I do NOT hate seagulls, they remind me of my mom who loves them (and Gio loves them too lately, because of The Little Mermaid and Scuttle)

    how about I promise to never feed them human food and to keep them out of your drink when we go to the beach?


            1. and you’re incredible at it too.
              So he’d (and Jacob) be lucky to have you on one side and me on the other feeding them words and wisdom.


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