Everyone is a critic

You know that weird tickle on the back of your neck when you feel like someone is watching you? The feeling that intensifies if you do something klutzy, like tripping over the crack in a sidewalk. It’s been one of those days when nothing seems to go right. I can’t shake my accident-prone awkwardness. Maybe […]

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Snowbirds have landed

seagull at marina

You from around here? Where can I get fresh seafood? I’m not a tour guide I live in a coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is a popular tourist destination. There are two seasons here – summer and snowbird. Beginning in March with Spring Break through Labor Day weekend, the summer people come […]

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Partners in crime

seagull trio

Tag team dinner crew Stalking french fries in the wild Partners in bird crime

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Move along

seagull flock black and white

Standing firm can be pointless when being unmovable means being unfeeling. You can be true to yourself, steadfast in your beliefs, without being unkind. You can be moved to take action without trampling those who don’t share your ideals. I don’t have to agree with you to respect you. I don’t have to insult you, […]

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Their appointed rounds

seagulls on the beach

Nigel took his place in the queue, marveling at how busy the airport was lately. The tarmac was five or six deep waiting for flight clearance. Looking around at the other carriers, he saw Archie and taxied up beside him. “Hey, Archie,” Nigel said. “Where are all the birds flying in from?” “Nigel!” Archie dipped […]

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Shaky ground

seagull on one leg

Diatribes rage on Accusations flung like knives No leg to stand on

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