Rack and ruin

abandoned house

Nondescript people,
Living in anonymous houses,
Easily ignored or forgotten.
No names, only numbers,
Dehumanizing discontent,
Demoralizing dreams,
Dismissing disquiet.
Playing God with others’ lives,
A tournament with flesh and blood pawns.
Rules constantly changing
At the Game Master’s whim.
Egos push the margins of mercy,
All for bragging rights,
For a chit in their win column.
It’s take no prisoners, give no quarter.
There’s no right, there’s only defeat.
Our champions and heroes
No longer acting for the common good.
Spiteful, mean and vindictive,
Uncompromising and unyielding.
Disregarding hardships and heartaches,
Numb to the aftermath,
Ruins in their wake.

This week’s challenge is inspired by Poor Places,” by Wilco
The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Rack and ruin

  1. Lou said it, you got a lot our of the abandoned house. I swear sometimes we all feel like that house. Disconnected, alone,…but it’s when we are uncompromising that it’s more than our issues.

    it’s very poignant this week as I think about a big white dome and a big white house and wish they would put their stubborn parts aside for the common good.

    there is no win without mercy.


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