Kaleidoscope eyes

sunflare self portrait

Shiny bits of sea glass, forged by lightning, tumble with shards of ivory shell, pink and orange, teal and azure. Thumb-sized agate, amber and gold stripes worn smooth by wind and rain, are added to the mix together with polished fragments of brown pine cone and bright crimson magnolia berries.

A cache of collected memories, found on days of wandering through thickets of ancient trees, or wading in the warm waters of an infinite ocean. Colors that can only be seen in the wild, a palette of ineffable beauty, that can never be duplicated by man.

A black cylinder made of glass and mirrors, holds these memories safe, sharply focusing light to bring them back to life. Shifting and shuffling each one in turn. Forming new images, mixing colors and shapes, no two ever the same.

Turning and twisting, watching as new wonders come into focus. Tricks of light, changing with each blink of the eye, play across my vision. I hold up my kaleidoscope of treasures, saved with my camera lens, and marvel at my wondrous luck in capturing these colorful bits of beauty.

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Needy,” and/or “Kaleidoscope.”

6 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope eyes

  1. I love the way you described the potpourri of treasures, how each of them adds a little something to the collection and then you can capture their beauty. That is exactly how I feel about your pictures, that you seize tiny moments and paint us a full picture with them.



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