Self expression

I loath having my photo taken. Forget water-boarding, bamboo splinters under my fingernails, heavy metal blasted at 11, or even sleep deprivation (been there, doing that), the worst form of torture is posing for a portrait. I’ve been brought to tears before because I couldn’t escape a camera aimed at me. Want to piss me […]

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Kaleidoscope eyes

sunflare self portrait

Shiny bits of sea glass, forged by lightning, tumble with shards of ivory shell, pink and orange, teal and azure. Thumb-sized agate, amber and gold stripes worn smooth by wind and rain, are added to the mix together with polished fragments of brown pine cone and bright crimson magnolia berries. A cache of collected memories, […]

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A photo a day

A photo a day Three hundred sixty six days I picked a Leap Year? Throughout the coming year, I have set a goal to shoot at least one photo every day. My timing for this venture is impeccable… 2012 is a Leap Year. Hopefully, with encouragement, camaraderie and support (and possible arse kicking) from Lou, […]

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