Sleepless and pants-less

pants on a hanger

Last night was a frustrating, sometimes scary, sometimes heartbreaking, most often weird, dream fest of confusing images.

Whenever I have a night like that, I know my brain is trying to tell me something. Unfortunately, I rarely find out what that something is. Except for that one time when I was introduced to my now husband.

In the final dream, the one that I fully recalled, and made me give up on a restful amount of sleep, I was working at a computer. I was sitting at a desk answering emails and reading through various news sites. I got the sense that I was in a business office, and not my home.

I had a blanket wrapped around my legs, because in my dream I was cold. Not so far from my reality. When I worked outside my home, I often had blankets in my office to counter the frigid A/C blasting.

At some point someone walks in the room, and when I stand up, it’s evident that I am sans pants. Not naked, just no pants… grannie panties in full view.

It wasn’t like those horrible dreams where you’re standing naked in front of a crowd and everyone is pointing and laughing. In this dream, I’m surprised, but not embarrassed or overly concerned. Just wondering how I left home without my pants.

Then I woke up…

There is a Dream Dictionary somewhere in my eclectic library, but I couldn’t find it. A Google search did help some, or not.

Depending on which interpretations I read, I’m either feeling unprepared for a task or worried people will see some flaw in me. Or since I was unconcerned about being pants-less, I’m exhibiting a sense of openness and honesty. Or  I’m trying to draw the wrong sort of attention to myself.

Sure, that was perfectly clear.

So, any dream weavers able to give me a better analysis of this one?

8 thoughts on “Sleepless and pants-less

  1. I think this dream was an extended metaphor about exposing your soul through your writing and how it drives you to continue. The granny panties part may just mean you need to get to Target and spice up your selection. Take the mister with you, my wife let’s/makes/demands I come along for such purchases.

    Then again, no one but me wear pants at my house so if I’d had this dream, it would be called “Tuesday”.


  2. I have those dreams occasionally but I’m always embarassed and trying to pull my shirt down to cover myself (and it’s always far too short to help).
    Dreams are weird.


  3. I’m for the honesty interpretation, from what I’ve read of your work. The memory of the grannie panties will stay with me for some time. Dreams are such strange things, huh? Thanks for sharing.


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “naked” or even “pantsless” dream. My dreams, when I remember them, don’t tend to make any sense.

    As for the meaning of your dream, I would lean toward the open and honest explanation, considering you’re willing to tell your stories to the internets!


  5. I think it means it’s time to do laundry. Or is that just my subconscious talking to me?

    Have a good week, Tara. Rock your grannie panties. I’m wearing some now too.



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