Winning the rat race


Drops of rain lingered on the pine boughs, simmering diamonds among emerald filigree.

A rich, earthy petrichor, created by a pre-dawn shower, sweetened the air. A cooling mist rose from the warm ground, giving the forest an ethereal feel. As she walked down a worn path beneath the interwoven canopy of tree limbs, she expected to stumble upon a fairy ring.

Inhaling the fragrant air, she felt her stress ease out with every breath. All around her, the music of the forest rose in crescendo, drowning out the city noise that had settled in her mind.

Pedantic and sedentary, her friends rejected all offers to join her ambles through the woods. They didn’t appreciate the healing powers of fresh air, and an unhurried pace. They always needed a destination, an itinerary, to feel productive.

She tried to share with them how she found redemption on these trips. That being alone with your thoughts, with no interruptions or distractions, could be very freeing. You have space to actually think. The only worries are having enough bug spray and water. Her friends could never imagine that she developed her best ideas on these hikes.

Maybe it was good that they didn’t come with her. Some invigorating downtime was one thing, winning the corporate rat race, was something all together different. She didn’t need to encourage the competition.

*I have to go out of town later this week, and I didn’t want to miss all the fun, so… I tried to combine a few prompts into one piece. I hope it doesn’t appear too forced, and that I managed to weave all three themes into one flowing fabric.

The Trifecta challenge this week is: Pedantic [adj. \pi-ˈdan-tik\] 3: unimaginative,  pedestrian
Week 21: Inspired by “Petrichor
This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Redemption

26 thoughts on “Winning the rat race

  1. That opening line is perfect. I totally agree about getting away from it all. I love taking walks alone, especially when I’m near a beach or forest, somewhere that’s somewhat secluded.

    *Stopped by from Write on Edge


  2. Could have not agreed more of IMPORTANCE of getting away from concrete jungle and materialistic schedules. I find salvation everyday by going for a walk with my best friend. We don`t talk much and embrace the path, its rejuvenating.


  3. Enchanting, beautifully woven words describing the morning. I like how you captured how freeing it is to slow down. Sometimes it takes decades of life to get to that point, if ever. Really enjoyed your story.


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