Devil’s in the details

trail sign

During my weekly photo hikes, I’m often ambling along deserted trails that are in the middle of nowhere. Most people, even native Floridians, or at least those living in my region of the Sunshine State, have never heard of some of these nature preserves/state hiking trails/state forests and other some such places.

There are no accurate trail maps available to me, and my mobile GPS is only useful in giving me longitude and latitude coordinates should I have to send out an emergency beacon signal to Search and Rescue teams. I am totally at the mercy of these faded trail markers to find my way into the woods, and more importantly, to find my way back out.

Sometimes they aren’t posted in the most obvious places, so it’s crucial that I pay attention to details so I don’t get lost.

Submitted to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the theme was to “share a photo that means ‘lost in the details’ to you.”

*Photo venue: Pine Log State Forest, near Ebro, FL

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