Pushing boundaries,
Bending rules,
Flirting with danger,
Tempting immortality,
Hum of the rail,
A siren song seductive and alluring, pulsing along a precarious track.
All those clichés that mean “pull on your big girl panties” and get off your lazy, procrastinating arse.

To infinity…  and beyond!” ~ Buzz Lightyear

Submitted to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the theme was to “share a picture which means BEYOND to you.”

10 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. well Gio and Jacob would love this one, they adore BUZZ. 🙂

    I loved the line about “big girl panties” , my best friend Lisa and I say that to one another all the time, that we might not like it, we might feel ready for it (whatever IT is) but we need to push beyond it and slide into silk (her amazing words…LOL).

    sorry I’ve been absent, I missed reading you.


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