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Water sprites

water reflections

Tiny orbs of light
Diamonds on dark blue velvet
Shimmer in the sun

Skipping on water
Gossamer dragonfly wings
Rainbows refracting

Hypnotizing gems
Scatter and swirl, spellbinding
Bewitching fairies

Whispering seas call
Siren songs captivating
Sweet laughter lilting

To slumber, to dream
In the arms of Morpheus
Suspended by gods

Time interrupted
Days and nights transcending
Is it real, believe

Chandeliers burning
Casing circles of fire
Among the dancers

Ethereal souls
Sparkle like stars from heaven
Tumbling down to earth

Afloat on the waves
Ripples dipping and rising
Buoyed by wishes

Naiads, playful sprites
Diaphanous, translucent
Tiny orbs of light

Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL
The 100 Word Challenge, this week is “Sparkle

11 thoughts on “Water sprites Leave a comment

  1. well you’re a ROCK star my friend. There is not one 17 syllable rift that I don’t love everything about, and you brought us right there, to the water in that picture, drowned us in visions of sparkly orbs and bewitching fairies (my favorite)

    this was GLORIOUS!


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