Seriously, just absolutely fabulous!


Except for the never-ending spell checker, and the occasional perusal through a thesaurus to make sure the word I want to use is actually the word I need to use, I write pretty much like I talk.

I tend to be extremely verbose and will repeat myself several times, only rephrasing, to the chagrin of both myself and all those around me.

Since I began blogging, and Twittering, and Facebooking, writing nearly everyday, I have become painfully aware of what must be for all of you ~ since it has become a persistent irritation for me ~ a nearly mind numbing vexation of constantly reading or hearing me repeat the same few words over and over until you think your ears will bleed.

I cannot seem to break the addiction of these few annoying terms:

  • just
  • absolutely
  • definitely
  • fabulous
  • seriously

So you don’t feel alone in your misery, I also over use these in every day spoken conversation. I know there are many others, but to list them all would be too mortifying.

Until recently, I had never thought about how often I use the word “just.” Now, even when it’s warranted, I try to find a substitute because I used up my allotment, my lifetime allotment, all in the past few months, if not weeks.

I do know that I’m stuck in a rut, know I use the same few adverbs, the same hyperbole to the point I should be jabbed with stick until I stop. I even know what my trigger words are. I try to catch myself, to break the chain of abuse, but it’s as if my brain says, “Stop!” and my mouth says, “Absolutely!”

Instead of clicking “select all” to find all my misspellings and grammar gaffes, I do a “find all” to search and destroy my list of offending words.

Just be aware, that I absolutely know that I seriously have a problem, and I’m definitely working on a solution. Your continued support would be fabulous!

When I received this week’s Scriptic prompt, it made me think of this piece I wrote more than THREE years ago. Imagine my horror, when I realized it holds true today. So much for breaking bad habits. I continue to double-check everything I write, removing gratuitous “justs.” Only now, I have to add “still” to my list of overused verbiage.

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, kgwaite gave me this prompt: misspellings and misconceptions.

I gave Michael this prompt: Like it never even happened.

*From the Vault of IMSO, originally published 11/11/08. Edited and updated.

13 thoughts on “Seriously, just absolutely fabulous!

  1. my problem is that some words, I just LOVE. It would be like putting Gio or Jacob on the back burner, in order to call them something else, when they do just fine as themselves.

    I understand, I’m guilty of it, I know I do it..but the thing is that it’s also MY VOICE, (like you I write like I talk or the way I hear others talk) and there is nothing foreign or dishonest about it.

    I did like this very much, I’ll try not to do it so often. 😉


  2. I think we all use certain words again and again. I quite like it, it’s a bit like singers using certain musical sounds as their trademark. It’s part of our “voice” isn’t it?


  3. Oh gosh. I’m stumped because I know (KNOW) there are words I totally overuse. There must be because my vocabulary is so utterly limited. Yet, I’m oblivious. I have no clue what word I use over and over and over again. I do – however – use the exclamation point way too much! I just can’t help it! I’m an excited person!


  4. You know I’m a super duper sucker for self-awareness and self-evaluation. I like when you take chances, use different vernacular. I look forward to reading more.


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