Social call

Her skin felt oppressive; she wanted to strip it off and run around the room naked - nothing but muscle and bone - probably screaming too. There would definitely be screaming, and proverbial gnashing of teeth and beating of the breast. Of course, that would get messy without skin to contain the gore, then she’d … Continue reading Social call

Don’t repeat that

Each day the crowd grew larger. Rain or shine, dedicated fans gathered around the aviary, pen and paper at the ready, waiting for that day’s pronouncement. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes humorous, oft-times abstract in the extreme, Psittacine’s daily oration began precisely at noon. Watching the spectacle with silent disdain, Eagle expelled an incredulous sigh. “You’d better … Continue reading Don’t repeat that


A trail of clothes led from the front door, down a long hallway, and ended with a small pile of socks and underwear at a bedroom at the back of the house. “Andrea?” Belinda made her way slowly toward her daughter’s room, picking up articles of clothing as she went. “Are you okay?’ The teenager … Continue reading Acceleration