Greek chorus

When I go for walks in the morning, I’m out for at least an hour. During that time my mind is a constant whirl. I run through what I need to do for the day, I think about writing projects I have in drafts or need to begin, or I carry on full-blown conversations with myself about totally random stuff. Every moment is filled by a chorus of asides from the voices in my head.

On any given day, this is the type of stream of consciousness that is my brain…

~ I should really charge my point-n-shoot camera battery before my next walk instead of relying only on my camera phone. Can’t use my Nikon, neighbors get a little creeped out if they see a sketchy chick, dressed in clothes that most vagrants wouldn’t wear, taking photos with a full-size camera outside their homes.

~ Shopping list: Get poppy seeds for lemon/poppy seed muffins. I wonder if eating these would really flag a urine test for “presence of opiates?”

~ To do list: Write and send “Thank You” card to Dad for birthday present he sent two months ago. Apologize for being a bad daughter, or blame it on advancing age.

~ I need to remember to call the vet. Dog-Child is chewing on her nails again, and gnawed one into that quick.

~ Thanksgiving left-overs aren’t going away anytime soon, gotta make that gumbo I’ve been promising. Add andouille to shopping list, maybe that will counteract the poppies. Hmm… the grease burn scars from twenty-ten’s roux accident have completely faded.

~ Squirrel!

~ People have already set out Christmas decorations? Why does anyone need a six-foot inflatable snow globe? Should we decorate this year? I don’t know if I even want to decorate inside. I’ll ask the menfolk if they want to do anything.

~ Butt-head speeders! I wish I had the superpower of flattening tires with a flick of a wrist.

~ Damn shin-splints! Walk it off.

~ Gawd, I need to finish NaNoWriMo.

~ Eggs or cereal? Do we have any milk?

~ These sneakers are really purple. Next pair I think I’ll just go with white, maybe grey.

(Halfway through my walk, I get a text message from my daughter telling me she booked her flight home for Christmas.)

~ Day-um! That only gives me about two weeks to clear out her room. The menfolk need to stop using it as a storage shed.

~ Oh, pretty. I should go back and get a photo of that.

~ I need to write that down… naw.. I’ll remember it when I get home.

Inspired by the weekly prompts at Studio 30+. This week’s prompts are “running” and “15 bits of random thoughts.”

9 thoughts on “Greek chorus

  1. Squirrel! Hahaha, I love that one! Love it when Jon Stewart yells it our randomly. Love how our brains jump from one thing to the next and get all happy when we see glitter and shiny things!


  2. oh I don’t need to run or walk to have this endless loop of conversation going on in my head. I used to think it was why I love writing, because it allows me to push it all out, discern it. I’ve always been like this (just ask my mom!) and the more I fight it, to think NORMALLY (whatever that is) the deeper I sink into myself and the way I think.

    but it’s something I like about myself, the multitasking, the rainbow of thoughts…thanks for sharing this. I like reading about YOU.


  3. I almost always wish I’d brought my actual camera with me and see so many photo’s I’d like to take as I’m driving or walking. Thanks for sharing this, I can relate to a lot of it!


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