Winner, neeneer neeneer

Thirty days typing 50,000 words written Time for a long nap I had every intention of finishing this quest Thursday night. With less than 1,000 words to go, I fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up at 12:07 Friday morning. So much for “best laid plans.” I gave in to my exhaustion and went to bed. Up early Friday, I had a spark of inspiration and typed out 1,400 words in no time. I’m not finished with the rough draft. Like so many other NaNoWriMo participants, there is some epic editing necessary, but for the purposes of the word count requirements, I wrote a 50,000+ novel in 30 days. There is now laundry to wash, dishes to clean, rugs to vacuum and floors to mop. There are also two menfolk who would like their mom/wife back. Regardless what I end up doing with this literary marvel, meeting this challenge is a personal victory. I recommend everyone who fancies

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Greek chorus

When I go for walks in the morning, I’m out for at least an hour. During that time my mind is a constant whirl. I run through what I need to do for the day, I think about writing projects I have in drafts or need to begin, or I carry on full-blown conversations with myself about totally random stuff. Every moment is filled by a chorus of asides from the voices in my head. On any given day, this is the type of stream of consciousness that is my brain… ~ I should really charge my point-n-shoot camera battery before my next walk instead of relying only on my camera phone. Can’t use my Nikon, neighbors get a little creeped out if they see a sketchy chick, dressed in clothes that most vagrants wouldn’t wear, taking photos with a full-size camera outside their homes. ~ Shopping list: Get poppy seeds for lemon/poppy seed muffins. I wonder if eating these would

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When I let my fingers do the hiking

It doesn’t happen often, but this weekend I stayed home and didn’t get out for my usual photo hike. Instead, I spent the holiday weekend with my kids. My daughter, who is living out-of-state attending grad school, was home for Thanksgiving, so when she wasn’t hanging with old friends (who were also visiting over their break), I wanted to enjoy her company. My still teenage son lives at home, and also wanted to spend time with his all-growed-up sister. The other deterrent to my hike was this pesky thing called NaNoWriMo… with my kids at home, and wanting to do that whole family thing, I got woefully behind on my daily word count. Saturday, I was facing a 4,000+ deficit and the possibility of simply throwing in my keyboard. While I do enjoy football, I was particularly grateful for the games this weekend. The College Kid is a FSU alum and with the bitter intra-state rivalry between Florida State and

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After a year of enduring the bite of Kile’s needle, Evie thought she’d be accustomed to the sting by now. With only a few short weeks between sessions, the itch and bruising didn’t have much time to heal before another sitting. The stylized masterpiece covered her back from neck to waist. The red hawk perched in a protective stance. Wingtips wrapped around Evie’s left shoulder and under her ribs, tail feathers fanned out across the small of her back. His head rested against her right shoulder. As Kile inked the final element, the bird’s ochre eye, the entire image vanished. *A bit more from my NaNoWriMo story, “Guardian.”


A month before, Evie began preparing for the ritual that would begin at dawn of her 18th year. The first daughter in four generations, Evie’s marking would be an occasion for her entire clan to celebrate. The ritual, which would take 12 months to complete, would start at midnight on her birthday, and end at midnight the day before she turned 19. Prior to the first line being laid, she had to name her guardian. Evie already knew his name. She had known since she was six and met the first in a long line of guides. What she didn’t know, was if he would fulfill the pledge between his brethren and her family. Evie’s great-great-grandmother, Móraí, was the last woman in her clan who had a guardian. Though she was nearly 100 years old now, she said she had never felt the full extend of her guardian’s power. Evie worried that she would take the mark for nothing. Yet,

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Next big thing

Recently, Lisa from “empty the well” tagged me as part of the Next Big Thing Blog Hop. It’s been quite a while since I’ve joined in this kind of blogging shenanigans, but I really like the questions involved with this one. Here are 10 inquiries about my future, award-winning novel. Being that I am once again participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I’ll answer based on that attempt. I’m still pondering if I’ll post my work in progress. I’m not writing the chapters in any sort of order, so it’s a bit haphazard now. The response to this post may be the deciding factor. What is the working title of your book? It will make no sense to anyone other than me, but it’s “Red Hawk.” I only used that to make it easier to find the rough draft on my desktop. A hawk is featured in the story, but this title won’t make the final edit. Where did the idea for

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