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I generally go through my day on autopilot.

There are no toddlers to obstacle-course around, no office or boss to consider, nothing aside from typical housewifery things to do.

The most excitement I’ve had lately was joining an exercise class… outside my house… with other grown ups… several times a week. 

My routine, is well, routine. There is very little that changes, so I’m come to expect the ordinary.

Even when I go on my weekly photo hike, sometimes I’m so focused on getting ‘the shot’ that I fail to see truly spectacular opportunities.

Just when I think I can carry on my chores with my eyes closed, the cosmos gives me the proverbial smack to the back of my head. Showing me that, if I don’t take time to actually look around sometimes, be aware of what is right in front of my face, then I’ll miss some pretty awesome stuff.

Then there are days like Monday. I was up early, heading out to run errands and get my exercise on. A sack of trash in one hand, I went to open the side gate to throw the bag away.

Just as I was about to yank open the door, I saw him. I think I let out a little squeal or perhaps a slightly naughty word. But, he didn’t move. He stayed in place long enough for me to take his photo and to simply watch his iridescence glimmer in the morning sun.

I almost missed it, and that would have been a shame.

Don’t live your life without taking a few moments to appreciate what’s surrounding you and really notice what’s there. You might be surprised by what you see.

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