Week 10: Marina

My son had the flu all week, so I took what few opportunities I could to get out of the house to take photos. That meant for a few days, all I could manage was a stroll around the backyard.

A break in the weather (and The Boy’s Man Cold) allowed for a quick trip to the marina this week. There’s always a lot to see there.

While at there I saw one cruiser that was apparently a favorite with the aerial fishing crowd. Of the many moored vessels, this one alone seemed to be the hangout of choice for all the pelicans. There were more than a dozen birds sunning themselves on deck.

I’m still using any and all camera options, trying to be deliberate with my choice of subject. But… I did go all paparazzi once, and snapped a clandestine photo with my phone of what I thought was a fashion faux pas – a truly fuggly combination of Uggs and a LBD. Ladies? No… just no.

Pelican cruise
Week 10

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