Week 9: 365 Project

Another week of playing catch-up with my photography and another week of relying too much on my iPhone. Inertia keeps my butt planted in a chair or on the couch, unmotivated to get out and actually do anything.

Yet, I am learning something. I’m learning to think more about what I’m photographing. I think more about composition and framing. Even if I’m using a camera phone, I’m attempting to make the photo look intentional and not just a snap and run.

So, this experiment is still having a positive effect.

Week 9

1. azaleas, 2. seafoodbuffet, 3. pancakeday, 4. worsechore, 5. mossbench, 6. nightshadow

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

10 thoughts on “Week 9: 365 Project

  1. These are awesome. I love the umbrella! I’ve been way too much with the iPhone and way too little with the camera, too. Still, that’s the only way I can make it happen, and I do hope I’m still learning something along the way, too. Definitely, it keeps my eyes open to the world around me more than if I wasn’t constantly thinking about what to photograph. 🙂


  2. More great photos! You inspire me to actually pick up my camera and learn how to use it.
    And now that I’m salivating over the pancake shot, I’m going to the kitchen to stir up some breakfast!


  3. Another great set, you did well! You are so inventive! I don’t think I could have come up with a picture of my laundry! LOL!
    The umbrella is my favorite!


  4. Gorgeous pics. I love. And I get the inertia too. its winter. I think that my favourite is the first with the raindrop, and of course the pancake. makes me want to eat it.


  5. My favorite is the pancake. It looked like it belonged in a food magazine. The raindrop was extraordinary, too. And the sock basket traumatized me with thoughts of my own laundry sending me vibes from the other room.


  6. I’m with you I have a 365 project going also. I guess it is really a 366 project I missed yesterday. Had an idea but work as so stressful that I vegged out on the couch. I took the picture I had in my mind this morning but I’m not happy with missing a day. Your pictures look great. I love the umbrella one.


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