Breaking the bounds of earth

Breaking the bounds of earth, I soar above the eagles and angels. True freedom, untethered and alive. Reaching ever upward, I touch the face of the sun.

The wind rushing in my ears, I skim mountain tops, scooping fists full of virgin snow to slate my parched throat. The ripest, sweetest fruit from the highest branches of the trees are mine for the taking.

Giving voice to my joy, I sing to the gods. My laughter echoes over golden plains and rumbles deep within green valleys.

I traded my wings of feathers and wax for ones of iron and steel.

Robot Badge

A new writing challenge from Lance based on a weekly music prompt. Give 100 words, not 99, not 101. This week’s challenge is inspired by Elton John – “Take me to the Pilot.”

9 thoughts on “Icarus

    1. I live near Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, home of the precision flight team Blue Angels. I’ve attended many of their air shows. This shot was taken during one of those shows. The fighter came in very low over the crowd. I tracked its approach and was very lucky.


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