I have been participating in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge for several months, and was thrilled that the powers that be have now offered up the Indie Ink Photo Battle. Like I need an excuse to take pictures…

Constructive critiques are welcome, but please play nice.

This photo was taken at the Reflecting Pool at Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

I’ve included a few of favorite shots from my Flickr photostream that also highlight the prompt theme.

1. reflectingWM, 2. monetWM_2, 3. skewedWM, 4. Call of the wild, 5. sunsetscreenWM, 6. smokeonthewater_WM

For the IndieInk Photo Battle this week, Mary Terrani challenged me with “Reflection” and I challenged Flood Gondekowa with “Shadow.”

17 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. I thought I responded to this one! Apparently not I do love the photo. It’s a wonderful reflection! All of your archived images as well…but the screen reflection is really cool. I love the texture of it.


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