Reflecting pool

Mosaic abstract Flickering, fleeting sunlight Watercolor dreams

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Future gazing

leaves reflected in a birdbath

A still reflection Scrying fortunes from its depths What futures divined?

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Wallflower windows

sunlight reflected on grey building

Sunlight scandalized the introverted downtown building, shimmying along rows of wallflower windows, inviting them to dance.  

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Out of my depth

reflection on rippled water

I lie in the fine, sandy silt, looking up through the depths of shimmering, spring water. Ripples create an abstract image of broken colors in the sky, and I pretend I am in a Monet painting. The changing light and shifting current, a kaleidoscope of movement, mesmerizes me. I long to stay in my silent, liquid […]

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Is anything still something

reflection in leaf pool

If you hold your mouth just right, and squint a little, but not directly into the sun, you can almost make out the outline of Something that might be there. With some practice, you can believe that Something is Everything. With the right angle of refraction, the wavering image throws back what you most fervently […]

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Circadian rhythm

sunrise reflection

Ripples spread outward Hours, days immeasurable Awake or a dream?

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