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Girls are great!

Recently, while sorting through boxes of old papers, I came across several files and binders of my daughter’s Girl Scout badge activities.

She was an active member of the organization from Kindergarten through sixth grade. This worksheet, filled out when she was probably around 11, was a interesting peek into my daughter’s adolescent mind.

Today, ten years later, she assuredly has different criteria for what she likes best about being a girl.

I thought I would make my own list (stealing a few of hers, because the kid was right).

Things I Love About Being a Woman (these are definitely not Girl Scout approved…)

  1. It’s socially acceptable for me to flirt with men AND women.
  2. Being able to sit down when I pee
  3. Having babies
  4. Getting French-tip manicures (a year ago I would have said pedicures, but Adam debunked that myth for me.)
  5. Being able to be sexually aroused in public, and it not be immediately obvious
  6. Never having to change my car’s oil or replace a flat tire
  7. Boobs (not to be confused with mewbs – thank you Jenny Grace and Lotus for your spelling assistance)
  8. Wearing sexy, lacy, silky underwear
  9. Starbucks’ Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas
  10. The enthralling experience of shopping at Target

What’s on your list?

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